About Planet B2B

What is Planet B2B?

B2B Online System is a multichannel e-commerce system designed for B2B resellers integrated with multiple marketplaces with customized offerings for each market segment. It manages your pricing, inventory, orders, POs, quotes, customers and finances by providing complete coverage of all fulfillment processes.

Our system is based on Product Catalog and Price Management, Order Management and CRM, Integrations to external systems (orders, payments, accounting, shipping, inventory, etc.).

what makes us unique?

No restrictions

The category structure is unlimited and the catalog can contain any number of categories and subcategories. Categories can be displayed or hidden. A category can have an assigned image; one product can belong to many categories. Products can have other options, and each option has a different price, availability, and pictures. It is possible to specify attributes for all categories. Capture the attributes using the list available in the panel and match them to the product group (for example, in the case of IT equipment, it might be processor type or operating system). This is useful for comparing, filtering, and searching products by category by parameter.

Our System

Order B2B is a system designed to manage orders from multiple channels. Orders can come from an external system or be entered manually by the sales representative. Order B2B is a secure web-based application for company employees to manage orders and quotes on a daily basis.

integration possibilities

Planet B2B can be integrated with existing inventory management, ERP and account management systems; Planet B2B can be integrated with external suppliers for real-time daily inventory updates. The integration uses proprietary B2B connector technology that allows any API, XML, EDI, ASN, FTP or SFTP data source to be connected. Planet B2B can also use external product catalogs such as Cnet or Etilize.