B2B Connector

Integrations use the proprietary B2B Connector technology that connects any API, XML, EDI, ASN, FTP or SFTP data source.

Updated prices

Daily updates of prices and inventory at the retailer's warehouse level. The catalog is automatically updated via FTP. There is no need to manually update the catalog.

Promotions, rebates and discounts from your distributor

Promotions and discounts from retailers updated in the application.

Real-time price and availability

XML integration with top distributors for real-time pricing and availability. Instant access to updated information.

Your product catalog managed

Obsolete information will be removed from the catalog immediately. Planet B2B manages discontinued and new products from retailers, so you always have the latest catalog.

Ease of distributor partnerships

Select an affiliated distributor from the available list of integrated IT and office supply distributors.

fully mapped products

A large catalog containing many products from dealers, fully mapped to an aggregated catalog.