GSA contractors often complain that updating their GSA Advantage catalog is complicated, time consuming, and expensive. Quotations has designed and developed a solution that meets their needs and minimizes these problems. The GSA Catalog Upload Gateway is a modern, advanced and affordable solution for uploading government catalogs to GSA Advantage and the file format for uploading to DOD FedMall.

What is it EDI

Streamlined transactions

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) is a computer-to-computer exchange of business documents between companies in a standard electronic format. It allows businesses to exchange information such as purchase orders, invoices, shipping documents, and other transactional data electronically, without the need for paper documents or manual data entry.


EDI is often used to streamline and automate the process of exchanging product and pricing information between suppliers and buyers. This can include uploading product catalogs, price lists, and inventory levels to e-commerce platforms, as well as sending purchase orders, invoices, and shipment notifications back to suppliers.

Efficient supply

EDI can help to reduce errors and delays in the ordering and fulfillment process, improve supply chain efficiency, and enable faster and more accurate processing of transactions. It is often used in conjunction with other upload services and e-commerce tools to create a seamless and integrated buying and selling experience.

Our Upload services

effective service from us

GSA Advantage requirements

We convert your photos, files and URLs to seamlessly meet GSA requirements. It is enough to send them in a spreadsheet and it does not increase the service fees.

Preview Your Catalog

Preview your price list on our website. You will see what it will look like in Advantage before you submit it. Any corrections, modifications will be readily available to you to improve the effect.

Quick and easy sale

Fast and fully professional handling of your files for processing, which will be checked in the shortest possible time. It does not matter the size of your file, our work remains at a constant high level so that your data and files on the website appear there as soon as possible.

Get a fixed price for your catalog at GSA Advantage with minimal effort. After submitting your price list files, we will modify the spreadsheets to the appropriate format.

We will remove incompatible TAA and ETS elements. We will use the best solutions to comply with the latest GSA Advantage tables for validation.

We will also get rid of errors appearing in part numbers, special characters and HTML codes in your description.

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