Competitive Pricing Intelligence

Based on GSA prices, we analyze and read the data according to which this price is determined.

Analyze tour contract performance

Through our market research tools, we provide data and analysis on US government performance on GSA Advantage and FedMall. The dashboard analyzes GSA contract results and identifies opportunities to maximize GSA operations.

preview of all transactions

You can view all GSA Advantage and DOD FedMall sales. The information includes the seller's details, product and price information, the name of the purchasing office and the total amount sold.

compare your gsa prices

Competitive pricing is the key to market entry. Price is still the most important factor for buyers in the country. Companies with the most competitive prices have the best chance of winning the most. Thanks to our tools, you have a price comparison with competitors at your fingertips.

optimeze your gsa prices

We calculate the optimal price for each product on your list using price comparison data and costs, suggested brands and margins.

identification of top brands and sellers

You will increase your GSA sales by adding highly demanded products to your catalog. Planet B2B identifies the most popular brands based on your schedules and SIN numbers and calculates the potential sales growth by adding these products.

be up-to-date with gsa trends

Planet B2B estimates demand and prices and calculates country market trends. This information is critical to creating a winning GSA strategy.