Order Fulfillment And Crm

Order B2B is a system designed for managing orders received from multiple channels. The orders can be received from external systems or entered manually by a sales person. Order B2B is a secure web based application for company employees designed for day to day order and quote management.

Order Fulfillment And Crm


cXML format from GSA Advantage and DOD Mall. XML orders from marketplaces e.g. Newegg. XML orders from Amazon MWS API. Converted from sales quotes. Manual entry of order details.


Administrator may add additional employees who can access the system. Every employee can have an individual account configuration with specified access to the platform’s functions. Administrator has a view of employees’ activities and data access.

Order Fulfillment And Crm


B2B provides customer segmentation by assigning them to groups. You can create custom quotes for customers and fix the level of margin or the discount. The offer can be printed or mailed. There is also a possibility of supporting RFQ forms and converting RFQ to quote.


Customers may pay for their orders in one of the following methods: Credit Cards via Authorize.net or other payment gateway. PayPal. Net Terms. Custom payment gateway.

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Order Fulfillment And Crm


Orders, order-status and backorder management. Management system contains: Listing of orders by status (new, processing, shipped etc.). The history of changes in a given order. In the order view there is information about the transaction (information about the product, client’s data, contact data, delivery address, way of payment, way of shipment and information about the invoice). Administrator can manage orders by changing their status, adding comments to the order or mailing the customer. It is possible to modify an order (add or delete products, change the price of a product) and print all the documentation about an order. Optional function: order confirmation – after making an order, the customer receives a confirmation e-mail. If an enterprise has several branches, it can use the function of “define branches” which lets the customer choose the most convenient location for the collection of the order.

Order Fulfillment And Crm


Purchase orders are created from sales order by assigning a supplier to fill each product in the order. One order can be sourced from different suppliers. When you assign a supplier, the system also checks the real time price and availability. Purchase order prices are using cost information to calculate the buy price. Additional discount can be added by using cost override feature. Summary of all fulfillment purchase orders. Detailed view of each order and also its edition, adding comments (visible only for the user or also mailed to the supplier). Listing of all shipments. Listing of all payments changing their status. Listing of all issued invoices. Creating new invoices to an order directly in the system and also adding the invoice as an attachment. Detailed view of every invoice: the possibility of editing the products as well as the billing address. Fast issuing of the invoices for many clients at once using only one button. Preview of all the comments received from the customers and/ or added by the employees.

Order Fulfillment And Crm


Listing of all reported RMAs. Preview and edition of returns. Adding tasks for employees.

Order Fulfillment And Crm


B2B Online allows manual order entry through the B2B cart. Functions of the cart: Product searching. Adding unlimited numbers of products. Making offers. Automatic generation of invoices. Calculating prices by a defined rule, shipping prices and method of payments. Prices, margins and discounts can by adjusted manually.


Shipment tracking is obtained from the suppliers who actually make the shipments. The tracking numbers are imported and recorded in the system. The customer is also notified that the order has been shipped. Listing of all shipments. Detailed view of each shipment and generating labels. Integration with shippers e.g. Fedex is available for rate estimation.


B2B Online provides real time price check for most of the suppliers who enable such possibility in their system. Real time price and availability is updated any time order details are displayed. Special handling of drop ship orders allows display of third level fulfillment passed on to the manufacturer. An icon indicating drop ship orders is displayed to mark such products.


custom quotes can be entered into the system for new and existing customers. the quotes can have different versions – commercial, gsa, etc. and use printout templates. creating and mailing custom offers can be done from the b2b online system. if optional b2c portal is used, the customers can also perform self-checkout, submit the orders from quote, select a payment form, the shipping information and complete the order.


B2B Online Provides Features That Allow Assigning Customer Groups To Sales Managers And Sales Teams. Each Sales Manager Assignment Controls Who Has Access To The Quotes And Customer History. When New Sales Leads Are Entered, They Can Be Assigned To An Appropriate Group. Each Sales Team Can Have Multiple Members, Who Also Have Access To Their Customer List. One Person Can Be A Member Of Multiple Sales Teams.


Administrator can also group clients, so it is possible to offer different: Price levels. Discount levels. Newsletters.


The panel allows collective work by the means of discussions, comments and tasks. Tasks can be added to every: Order, Offer, RMA, Discussion. The listing of tasks is visible in the “TASKS” bookmark. After the assignment is complete, a notification email is sent both to the person assigned to the task and the creator of the task. The status of every task can be changed, followed by a notification email.


Creating projects and adding new discussions. Every project can have an assigned employee who sees the discussion. Employees can be invited to any discussion. The creator of the discussion can add tasks to it and assign employees to their tasks. Discussion can have different status changed by the creator. Attachments can be added to discussions. Participants can receive an e-mail notification when a new message is added.


Administrator can change: Shipment ranges, Tax rates, Employees profiles. Administrator can also: Fix standard profiles, Group clients, Generate discount codes, Create dictionaries which allow for the standardization of emails, comments etc.


Contacting the client is done directly through the panel. Using the panel enables emailing: Messages, Offers. Customer’s response is saved on the panel and shown in an appropriate bookmark as a comment.


Order B2B does not allow deleting and maintains and shows the history of changes for the following documents: Quotes, Orders, Purchase Orders, RMAs, Customer profiles, Shipments, Tasks, History events maintain the following information: who and when made the changes, the list of all changes in the document details, every document (invoice, offer, order) is archived upon request and never deleted.


Comments can be added to: Purchase orders, Sales orders, RMAs, Shipments. Comments can be private (visible only to their authors) or public (visible to everyone).


B2B Online System is hosted on Amazon AWS and utilizes multiple AWS specific services: EC2 – virtual machines. ELB – application load balancing. VPC – virtual private cloud for security. SQL Transaction queueing. RDS Postgresql database. DynamoDB database. Route 53 DNS and monitoring.