Composable Commerce

Best of breed refers to the best solutions based on customer reviews and technical reviews. Compared to a single platform that can do everything, but may not perform as well as a single solution dedicated to that function. The Composable Commerce architecture consists of packaged components that can be used individually and combined with other vendors as needed.

Why Composable Commerce will help you?

Composable commerce is another technological approach. Composable Commerce includes an API-first, headless architecture without the risk of vendor lock-in. Composable Commerce separates the front end from the back end. A best-of-breed approach provides the flexibility your business needs to succeed, as experts suggest that
applications should embrace configurable commerce for the future. We enable our customers to integrate only the specific functionality they need to best serve their market.
Adapt quickly to market changes with greater flexibility to choose the best provider and grow your business at any time. This way, both B2C and B2B composable commerce can be agile and effective.

Benefits of this Technology

Rapidly respond

Beat the competition by responding quickly and flexibly to market trends and customer expectations. Composable commerce offers more agility than monolithic architectures.<br /> Access world-class solutions through third-party applications and a variety of accelerators. Our pre-built solutions adhere to best practices and give you access to functionality with a fraction of the time and effort your engineering team would have to implement from scratch.

Customize experiences

A customized trading experience, no matter how complex your business needs. Deliver targeted service with customized marketing and personalized retention campaigns to reduce customer churn. The flexibility provided by Composable Commerce means that new applications can be easily added, opening up opportunities to target new customers, channels and markets.

Use technology

By leveraging composable commerce technology, you can reduce the time and effort required by your internal engineering team. Focus your team's skills on another, more pressing issue as technical talent is in short supply. Composabe Commerce eliminates the risk of vendor lock-in. Simply work with vendors who are currently adding benefits to their products by allowing you to add or remove components as needed over time.