GSA Contracts Optimization

If you want to expand your business, the United States government is a great opportunity for growth. GSA contract terms are strict, and there is a lot of preliminary work to be done, before you can apply for a Schedule. However once a GSA contract is in place, you can sell products and services to government agencies.

Automated GSA Contract Management

Planet B2B offers GSA Contractors a new way to make contract modifications with minimum effort and low cost.

GSA Price Calculator

automated price calculator takes into account your cost, the current price range on GSA, your minimum and maximum margin. This proven algorithm generates winning offers for hundreds of thousand products in seconds.


Integrated Supplier Catalogs

all your products sourcing - external suppliers, distributors, internal inventory, partners - get integrated into one catalog of all products available for sale. Planet B2B maps the products from multiple sources and adds required fields like Country of Origin, UPC, description and image.

drop ship

E-Buy and Custom Offers

You can generate the custom quotes in minutes. by searching the integrated catalog for requested products, you can specify the desired margins and make a professional looking quoted for GSA agencies to submit via email or E-Buy system


GSA File Uploads

when your modification is approved, Planet B2B system automatically submits the approved catalog to GSA via EDI including all additional media files like images and PDF.

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GSA File Generation

when you are ready to submit modifications to a contracting officer, we generate all necessary files for you like the current Excel template with modification and full catalog cover letter. We screen for TAA compliance, AbilityOne ETS and many other requirements automatically so there is no room for human error.