Unified Commerce

A unified approach to managing various sales, customer relations, inventory and many other systems is of utmost importance. This ensures that any complex integration issues are resolved without a hitch.

unified approach many benefits

A unified approach to managing separate systems for managing sales, CRM, inventory, etc. is paramount. This easily removes all integration complexity. By providing a consistent experience within an integrated platform, customers can easily find and transact across multiple channels. Choose from click and collect, ship to store, home/business delivery, or schedule service.

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establish addresses

Use your postal code to identify the stores available in your area. Allow pickers to assemble orders from a list within a mobile app. Each picker can only be accessed from the store.


An auditable pickup process is also built into the mobile app, ensuring orders are correctly processed and confirmed when customers arrive for pickup. All deliveries assigned by the store are checked from within the app to validate the order and deliver it to the customer in a timely manner.

Use planning

Determine inventory levels and availability in detail, by specific stores representing the same brand. Also known as in-store pickup, customers can manage inventory by having suppliers deliver products to their preferred store. Arrange a specific delivery date using built-in scheduling options.